MINI ITE Hearing Aid


ITE Hearing Aid, MINI Hearing Aid,MINI ITE Hearing Aid,ITE MINI HEARING AID

1.On/Off switch, Pulley volume control, easy operation;

2.Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect earlow distortion;

3.3 different earplugs are provided, which can fit different people's ear;

4.Mini ITC hearing aid type which can be hided in the ear and invisible;

5.Beautiful design with useful pulling line to take out the hearing aid from the ear;

Max Sound Output
High Frequency average
Sound Gain
Reference test gain
Input noise
Frequency range
Total harmonic wave distortion
FDA, Medical CE, CE, RoHS, ISO9001, Free Sales
1 Year

1.Do not use the amplifier on high volume for long periods of time, as injury to ear canal may occur. Stop use if pain or discomfort appears.

2.Do not use the amplifier in a hot and humid environment.

3.Do not use the amplifier in the rain, shower, or while swimming

4.Do not use immerse the amplifier in water.

5.Store the amplifier in a cool, dry place inside the carrying case when it is not in use.

6.Keep out of reach of children and pets due to small parts.

7.Avoid dropping the amplifier to prevent from damage or short circuit.

8.Do not disassemble the amplifier.

1. Strong Carrying Case * 1
2. Cleaning Brush * 1
3. Ear tip cleaning tool * 1
4. Silicone ear tips * 3
5. Hearing aid JHA50 * 1
6. A10 zinc air battery

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