Digital Hearing Aid


HFA Gain
FOG50 HFA Avy. Gain
EQ Input Noise
Frequency Range
Working Current
Total Harmonic Distorction
Rated Volatage
D.C 1.45V

1.Intended use
- This hearing aid is only to be used to help people improve their hearing ability.
- This device is only intended for the purpose described in these instructions of use.
- The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from improper or careless use.
- This device is an amplifying device and is not a therapeutic medical product.
- This device can neither prevent nor alleviate organically caused hearing loss.
- This device can NOT be used by infants under 36 months of age.
- Keep this device away from children and pets.
- NOT to be used in high temperatures, very humid environments and/or around explosives.
- Avoid contact with magnets near this device; could result in permanent damage (of the device).
- Avoid blockage of ear plug and microphone holes. May result in defective use.
- Clean and maintain the device to ensure optimum use.
- Remove the battery from the device when not being used for long periods of time.
- Remove the sealing sticker on the battery before using. The battery will
begin discharging in about 1 minute once the sealing sticker is removed.
- Please make sure the battery is inserted correctly.
- Please, discard batteries responsibly.
2.Warning and Safety notice
- This device is NOT recommended for use by those suering from Tympanitis or Ear Pyogenesis
- In a case of discomfort and/or pain, please stop using this device immediately and contact your doctor.
- NOT to be used at max volume; a sustained period may cause discomfort.
Accessory Kits
Ear tube: 1 piece
Ear tips: 3 pieces
Battery: 2 pieces
Cleaning tool: 1 piece
User manual: 1 piece
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