Rechargeable Hearing Aid


Rechargeable mini ITE hearing aid, reusable and eco-friendly, long time service which good for travel;

1.Rechargeable mini ITE hearing aid, reusable and eco-friendly, long time service which good for travel;

2.Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect ear

3.3 different shape earplugs are provided, which can fit different people's ear;

4.European and USA Size for option, suitable for different country

5. Super mini in the ear, invisible in the ear.

Max Sound Output

125 ± 5dB



Sound Gain


Battery size

Total Harmonic

Wave Distortion


Battery capacity/Mah





Operation current/mA


Frequency Range


Working time/H


Input Noise


Charging current



Machine size/cm



Packing box Type

Packing box Size/cm


jinghao box



Hearing Loss


1.The capacity of the Ni-MH battery of hearing aid is 40mAh and it can work for about 24 hours continuously after fully charged

2.During charging the light on the charger will be red when the charger plugged into electric current, and it will turn to green once the charge finished.

3.First charging will take 8 hours to get full charging. Future charging , it only takes 4 hours

4.Don’t throw the waste hearing aid into into fire. Don’t use the hearing aid in high temperature.

5.Don’t dismantle or change different battery.

6.To choose the right size of ear plugs will be more comfortable to the ear,and help a better sounds gain, and avoid any extra noise.

7.The switch should be turned to the off position when the apparatus is not in use. That will ensure longer battery life.

8.Don’t use water or organic detergent to clean the hearing aid. Don’t put it in water.


1.Ensure that the volume key on the hearing aid is not in the ON mode(this will keep the unit from charging)

2.insert hearing aid vertically as shown . with the charging connections facing the charging status indicator.

3.lay hearing aid down by gently pushing the aid towards the charging case cover.

4.plug in the USB cable and your AC adaptor.

5.Ensure that the indicator is on and the hearing aid is placed into the proper position, lying in the case consult the indicator light status below to confirm that the hearing aid is charging correctly. close the charging case cover to protect the hearing aid from dust or damage.

1 Hearing Aid

3 Ear tips

1 Charging base

1 Adaptor

1 Travelling bag

1 Manual book

2 Cleaning tools

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